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i'm not a piece of garbage, i am the entire garbage

"scissor lift" sounds like a lesbian sex move

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I've been working on this for three months and it's finally done. 78 pages on the history of leather, sluts, and families at US Prides, from 1965 to 1995. Includes background on Pride as a polyvocal celebration and leather as a queer subculture; multifarious sexual and gender expression at Pride; the Lesbian Sex Wars; reaction from the right; and the interplay of radical and normalizing forces within LGBTQ activism.

With the power out, window film up, and shades down, it is literally pitch black in my cottage. I have never been in such a perfectly dark place.

My power has gone out for the first time since I moved here into this cottage. This is wild.

oh wait they're back. i guess they just got tired for a bit.

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It’s Friday, time to take precisely one edible and learn more about the history of the concept of zero

My dude is the police commissioner. Not only is he not setting any policies (apparently), he don’t even understand the ones in place, nor their implementation.

He doesn’t even know where the police *are*.

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“I do not understand why there was no police response at all,” wrote Mayor Wheeler, after an Aug 8 protest where clashing groups hurled paintballs + fireworks

"I know the excuse given is that they were deployed elsewhere but I’m not sure that I buy that”


Finally, after searching far and wide, I found a high quality copy of Smilla’s Sense of Snow

Wow, it is completely horkin’ miserable outside today. This rain tonight is eagerly awaited

Shareholder primacy is a myth, not a law.


Employees learned this week that in the $80 million deal for, their stock options are worthless. But according to deal documents, co-founders Tom Lehman and Ilan Zechory stand to make millions


Do you know what a quasar is without looking it up?

Untitled Goose Game has met its match


SkateBIRD is OUT on Steam, Itch, Xbox, Switch, and Amazon Luna!


Just noticed that terminators and exterminators basically do the same thing

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