heh, this thing is predicting 110°F here in a week

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ECMWF 12z model develops an extreme "heat dome" over U.S. Northwest with obscene temperatures in excess of 120°F in California, Oregon and Washington early next week 🌡️.
🚨 Probably need to keep a close eye on this 🔥

🐦🔗: twitter.com/RyanMaue/status/14

Went home early :< but at least now I have all my stuff again

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The days get shorter from here till December, meaning MORE SPACE OPPORTUNITIES (eventually)

It’s sort of wild how much my hips hurt. I feel like someone stepped on my butt all night.

to be clear, i mean the actual tiles for playing games, not pizza

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Sometimes I derive immense joy thinking about Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor's relationship

Balcony view of a shiny Seattle (and a tiny moon, if you squint)

Okay, so who is sitting with me on my hotel balcony tomorrow?

Running Jellyfin on the Synology has been a Good Call which has allowed me to continue my SVU marathon from bed

Traveling anywhere is the worst. My entire body is a WRECK, I’m sweating just from brushing my teeth.

Also I used the hotel shampoo and conditioner (rookie mistake), and now my hair is CRUNCHY

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