god i can't believe i'm gonna have to tell kids in 30 years that i remember when there not yet any blockchain robots roaming the Earth and consuming the entire biosphere

i'm already depressed

Why did we decide to shorten it as "boomer" instead of just calling them all "babies"

Reaching the part of my life where I realize, I'm a crier, and it's massively embarrassing.

I expect him to say “Alexander did not believe in oil rigs, but then I showed him Bullwinkle”

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he says "Bullwinkle is now on its way to becoming an *imposing presence* in the Gulf of Mexico," and you can just fucking HEAR the Klingon pride in his voice wanting to shine through

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This video documentary show about an oil rig named Bullwinkle is narrated by Worf, and I can’t tell you how badly this is messing with me youtu.be/pPAVVSysnoc

Here are a few other galaxies, mostly in the Virgo Cluster. I've annotated them here so you can tell what they are, but if anyone prefers, I can post without.

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Literally photographed 17 galaxies tonight, three or four clusters, three or so planetary nebulae, a couple or emission nebulae, an asteroid, and a supernova.

I’ll post a few others tomorrow.

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me, having explained evolution to diogenes: …so anyway, you were on the right track, but it should be a fish not a chicken

diogenes: i don't understand any of this and i gotta work on my tan. will it make plato mad

me: yes he will be very mad

diogenes: GREAT.

Therapist: toe sock boot isn't real, it can't hurt you

Toe sock boot:

Evidently, Listerine used to be advertised as a scalp treatment for dandruff (from Unknown magazine, Jun 1941)

i just filed down a chipped tooth with an emery board AMA

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