Literally photographed 17 galaxies tonight, three or four clusters, three or so planetary nebulae, a couple or emission nebulae, an asteroid, and a supernova.

I’ll post a few others tomorrow.

Here are a few other galaxies, mostly in the Virgo Cluster. I've annotated them here so you can tell what they are, but if anyone prefers, I can post without.

@aphyr thank you! i'm pretty impressed by these myself tbh.

i did literally nothing but sit in a chair and punch buttons on the iPad. these are unedited (aside from annotating)

@emilyst how are you getting skies this dark? Are you out in the desert now?

@aphyr last night, i actually took a trip out to a dark site. there's a lot more detail on the twitter thread, but i was too lazy to copy it all over perfectly. it starts here:

@aphyr that said, from my porch in Portland, I've gotten some remarkable shots. here's a few galaxies from right here inside the city limits.

(note that the software keeps mislabeling these. the image descriptions have the real names.)

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